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Apr 23, 2013 4:00pm PDT
it is. welcome to tyco integrated security. with world-class monitoring centers and thousands of qualified technicians. we've got a personal passion to help your business run safer, smarter, and sharper. we are tyco integrated security. and we are sharper. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. hwelcome back.. nice to see you again! hey! i almost didn't recognize you without the suit. well, this is my weekend suit. weekend getaways just got better. well, enjoy your round! alright, thanks! save a ton on our best available rate when you book early and feel the hamptonality. >>> we have new details tonight about what motivated dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother tamerlan to allegedly carry out the boston marathon terror attack in which three were killed, more than 260 were injured. now, according to a government official, dzhokhar tsarnaev has said that the war in afghanistan and iraq were the reason that they decided to set off the deadly bombs. he has also told investigators that the brothers wer
Apr 22, 2013 11:00am PDT
cking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optihow?rs. by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers, thousands of qualified technicians, and a personal passion to help protect your business. when your business is optimized like that, there's no stopping you. we are tyco integrated security. and we are sharper. >>> i'm jake tapper alongside brooke baldwin in boston for special live coverage of the investigation into the boston marathon terrorist attacks. >> live during this hour, a lot happening here in the city of boston. in just about 15 minutes from now, this city will stand still along with the white house at the precise moment when the two bombs went off, about a block from where we're standing here in copley square. remember, this was the middle of boston, the end of boston's most famous race, the iconic marathon. it happened this very hour exactly one week ago. so today, of course, they will
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2